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Money Lender Singapore

Money Lenders in Singapore at Your Fingertips

Tough times call for difficult measures. This is true in different aspects of life but is painfully accurate when it comes to budgeting. Whether you’re a housewife or an aspiring businessman, borrowing money has always been the last resort for emergencies and circumstances that require sums of money that are beyond your means. Fortunately, directories like the Money Lender Central made the grueling task of scouring for the perfect Licensed Money Lender in Singapore easier. With our help and your astute thinking, you should never go wrong in choosing a licensed money lender. You may refer to our Moneylender Review for the list of Best Money Lender in Singapore for loan.

Things to Ponder on Before Taking Up a Loan

Some people, particularly those who have luxurious lifestyles but don’t have the means to support it, are prone to overspending. This is why we advise you to think about the following things before deciding to take up a loan:

  1. Consider if the reason why you are loaning can be considered a necessity and not luxury. It varies depending on the person but typical things that warrant loans are long-term investments such as houses, business capital and the like.
  2. Think about how you are going to pay for the loan. Remember that loans with licensed money lenders are covered within a legal contract which both parties are obliged to fulfill and that there are consequences for not being able to do so.
  3. Make sure to consider the interest rate money lenders offer because this is the amount that you would have to pay on top of the capital amount you get from the loan. In short, it is something you cannot use in the future.
  4. All licensed money lenders are listed in the Registry of Money Lenders in Singapore. This provides you the opportunity to check if the entity that will provide you with a loan is legit. Always, ALWAYS consult the registry before taking up a loan.
  5. Know how much you can borrow based on your current status for you to be able to maximize your loan.

Types of Loan

After deciding that you do have to borrow money, you should decide which type of loan is appropriate for you.

  • Personal Loan – These are loans that can be used for practically anything. In other countries, personal loans are also called Multi-purpose loans as they can be applied for different instances. It is also categorized into two types: the secured and unsecured loan.
  • Payday Loan – Loans covered under this category are those paid short-term with high interest rates. It usually involves a small capital amount and is best used for emergencies. With payday loans, the borrower usually writes a post-dated check with the capital plus the computed interest based on a loan period both borrower and lender agreed on. The lender then holds on to the check and cashes it on an agreed date which is usually the borrower’s payday.
  • Foreigner Loan – As the name implies, this kind of loan is for non-resident, non-local borrowers. In Singapore, foreigners can apply for loan as long as he or she has a valid permit (work, etc.).
  • Bridging Loan – Loans used to ‘bridge the gap’ between sale of a property and procurement of one are called bridging loans. This kind of loan is a short-term financial option and is best used by people who are finalizing the procurement of a new house but have yet to close the deal with a buyer of their old property.
  • Business Loan – Business loans are used to fund a starting business or supplement the revolving capital of an existing business. Because of this, borrowers who opt for this kind of credit is required proof of an existing business which means the company should be registered first. Some lenders only require the basic documents to prove the company’s existence while others need more.

Useful Tips: How To Select the Right Car Finance Broker

To finance a car has become a crucial process lately. With the presence of various car finance brokers, to pursue a car loan turned out to be a simple option. As a matter of fact, these brokers spend time in assisting the car purchasers. If you are one of them, you might consider consulting and taking a help from a car broker. This is a chance for you to end up with a choice which is according to your budget.

Who is a finance broker?

A finance broker is an experienced personnel who knows about the best approach when it comes to seeking a loan approval. He or she possesses good reputation and relations with lenders who are also reliable enough. With this, they become open to more clients.

Generally speaking, they would serve as the key source to end up with a used or brand new car model. A broker does this through the services he or she offers. What is even ideal is that when you end up with the right one, they are going to work on your budget range. There are even instances when car brokers would assist the buyers to negotiate with car sellers.

However, it has to be remembered that these days, a few car finance services make the proper selection a complicated process. As a client, you must have a full understanding of what you are to go through. This, is you look to finance a car, or if you opt to pursue a car financing service, there are points you must consider. These are some of them:

The Points to Consider


There is nothing wrong with checking as to whether the car finance consultant or broker is a member or part of various industry associations in Singapore. There are agencies which are mostly involved in handling the complaints received about some finance brokers. Knowing such is important because this is a way for you to confirm if the company you are eyeing for is credible or not. A license must also be checked. There is a comprehensive exam which has to be passed here anyway. That must be part of the broker’s credentials.


The accreditation which the broker has gone through is a reflection of the options you may choose from by the provider. Just remember though that this accreditation does not have the capacity to modify the range of financial options which are made available to clients. However, it has a massive effect on the quality of the selections you get to pick from. This is one of the benefits.

Background and Experience

The car finance service you must select has to come with professionals who are knowledgeable enough. Meaning, the broker must be an experienced professional who has the ability to demonstrate and explain what a product is all about. Your specific circumstance must also be suited properly. If you still have time, it is okay to ask for testimonials. They should come from the previous clients so that help may be given. This is important to not be given attention. Take time to settling it.

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Understanding the Features of Lenders for Mortgage

For some people, owning a house is an important acquisition for it lasts a lifetime. Typically, the money used in buying the money can be borrowed from professional lenders. There are tons of individuals who have done this. If you are thinking about doing the same, it is ideal that you are aware of how it is like to earn your first mortgage.

Generally speaking, most mortgage lenders out there will allow you to have the money so that you can have the house you want. However, you are expected to pay it within a particular period of time. Aside from this, it comes with an interest you have to settle too.

When it comes to the mortgage market, there are two important people who take part on it – the brokers, and the lenders. As the client, you have all the means go directly to an authorized lender. Oppositely, you can talk to a mortgage broker so that you can be helped in obtaining the mortgage from a reputable lender in the market.

Here is the truth – it is a jungle out there. If you are a beginner, it will help a lot to have someone who can assist you in the process. You have to be informed that the fee given by these mortgage brokers changes from time to time. They are definitely higher than that of authorized money lenders. That is the main difference.

You also have to know that there are brokers out there who do not have a license yet. This is why they are not restricted to any kinds of regulations. Should you work with them? That is the question you have to ask yourself.

The Demands of Mortgage Lenders to the Clients

  • If you are thinking about getting your own house by borrowing some money from a licensed money lender, here are some of the things that you have to be reminded of in the venture:
    Most mortgage lenders are all about poor credit rating. In this credit report, your debt ratio will be scrutinized. This is an indicator of your earnings. This will also tell others how much you still owe the provider. As for this, your overall credit rating is determined.
  • The proof of your earnings is another. This is known as a key criterion in deciding whether the lender is to approve the amount of loan you are borrowing or not. This type of information is derived from pay stubs, and tax returns that are submitted.
  • To win the mortgage without hassles, it is always crucial that you keep your records unquestionable, and clean. This is a way to earn an approval.

Maybe, the big question now is – what does people with poor credit report do? There are lenders who can openly make transaction with you. However, in return, you will be charged of a way higher interest. This is done because you place them in a riskier situation. It really depends upon the agreement that will be made eventually.

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Knowing the Sorts of Cash loan Singapore has to Provide You with

Being among the prime international financial businesses, Singapore includes a variety of banks that provide banking products and options that cover virtually every requirement and merchandise, including private loans. But not only banks provide cash loan – there are many different resources to acquire exactly the exact same.

With a plethora of different types of moneylenders that offer cash loan Singapore, the choices that people need for procuring a loan of any amount are many.

1. Loans from your charge card

A loan from your charge card one of the fastest methods to acquire a cash loan Singapore may provide. Nearly every credit card issuer that Singapore has provides its clients an instantaneous cash center, depending on the quantity of credit left in their card. Most issuers provide 100% money facility contrary to the credit.

2. Term Loans
Term loans are conventional goods, offering the consumer money as and if he/she wants it. Term loans can be obtained by numerous conventional financial banks and institutes throughout Singapore.

3. Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection is a centre that many of the best banks in Singapore provide to their own savings bank accounts holders. Within this center, a client can draw over the balance in their savings account. This additional amount is thought to be a loan, and the client can pay it back into the shape of simple monthly payments, called EMIs.

4. Personal Credit

Many popular banks in Singapore don’t provide conventional private loans, but rather give their clients a credit line, which gives them access to a particular number of funds each month. It may be considered as a type of yearly revolving charge, whereas the customer must make payments each month to get constant access to the capital.

When you’ve got a regular income that has a great credit history, then any lender in Singapore will give you a loan. The amount which a cash loan Singapore is able to help you get depends upon both of these variables in addition to your general profile. When you’ve got a large income, then you’ll be able to borrow a larger amount. The rate of interest that’s offered will also be dependent on these variables, and also a bank of that you’re a loyal client will provide you more appealing schemes.

Applying for a cash loan Singapore is an easy procedure- actually; many banks may also give you the facility to apply for financing online. With great rates of interest and a handy application mechanism, your loan application procedure couldn’t only get any easier!

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The best way to deal with Auto Loan after Divorce

A car loan may not be a priority for you if you are divorced. Because it may damage your own credit score eternally, however, you must care for it.

Divorce is not only emotionally difficult for you but it is also hard for your financial condition. How?

Assets split and go separate ways, when a marriage ends. But, what the results are to indebtedness including an auto loan?

In a perfect universe, both the individuals assume the duty of the debts they created and part ways. Unfortunately, the reality is different. Thus, take good care of debts after a divorce.

The Legal Obligation of an Auto Loan

Don’t believe that simply because the divorce arrangement holds your former spouse in charge of the auto loan, they will make regular payments. It is credible that they may not make payments.

You must not forget the divorce agreement is different from your loan contract. Lenders do not give relevance to the divorce agreement. Your former partner might result in the loan in the eyes of a court. But, if you applied for a combined auto loan, lenders will hold you liable for the loan at the same time.

How you can manage a Car Loan?

It is important to remember that your union might be history, however a loan will continue to impact your future and current. Here you can manage your auto loan and keep your credit score from plummeting.

1. Eliminate the Loan

After a divorce, the very best way to manage an auto loan is really to be rid of it. If your former partner is responsible for making payments, the loan needs to be in his/her name just.

But, remember that no lender will remove your name from the loan contract because of your altered marital status. So, finish the loan process independently and your former spouse must refinance the loan.

2. Eliminate the Auto

You’re able to sell the auto and pay off the bank if you are focused on refinancing the loan. It’s important to comprehend a loss today is preferable to continuous tension forever, although it’s possible that the upside down loan situation may make you pay money to the creditor.

3. Make sure the Lender gets paid

If your former spouse is in charge of the loan against selling the auto, and both of you decide, you’ll need certainly to make sure that he/she makes the payments often.

Contact your attorney, if your former partner doesn’t make payments. It is possible you will need to make a couple of payments to prevent any negative effect on your own credit score. Thus, keep an element of your income for it aside.

Taking care of your car loan might function as very last thing in your head. However, it’s important to recognize that your union is over and not your auto loan. If you don’t manage it effectively, you can destroy your own credit score eternally.

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12 Month Payday Loans Make Repayment Easy

Even when your request is turned down, after trying difficult asking for cash support from relatives as well as buddies, the way that it feels is fairly clear. This is when you start investigating alternatives.

There are loans accessible to pick from. Reserve outside a short while and look for the loans open to find the best. Of all loans, 12 month loans would be the right choice for those people who are seeking for monetary support which can be repaid in a year’s time. Such loans have been for a lot of people who are trapped in monetary shortage of great assistance.

Readily cash that is available!

There’s absolutely no denying the fact of exploring several options which can be found at his disposal, that when a person needs easy money then he thinks. For those people who are looking for money that can be acquired without awaiting quite a long time can choose this loan and rest assured you will be able wait or to get cash with no delay. As a matter of fact, as soon as you’re granted approval for the loan amount, you will get cash deposited to your bank account for all your requirements.

Round the clock appliance facility

All that you’re needed to do is fill the web loan application form that you simply will get access to on the web site of the cash lending firm and spare time out when you have made the decision to apply for 12 Month Payday Loans. It’ll just take few minutes to fill in addition to submit this form. Once you have submitted the form, it will be analysed by lenders for the details you have filed, and following confirmation, you may be given an approval. There’s not much of paperwork and documentation facility that you will soon be facing.

Words of caveat

Rate of interest – As an applicant, you should take time out to see about the interest rate that will be charged by money lender. Comparing interest rates provided by various lenders will allow you to make the proper selection.

Hidden Costs – Do ask the financial institution regarding the concealed charges, if any, before getting money.

12 Month Loans enable you gain entry to speedy funds that you desire instantaneously.

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Exactly what are the 4 Critical Things to get Subprime Car Loans?

It’s not a cake walk in case you are a subprime auto buyer to get a car. But, in case you learn the four crucial things for getting a subprime car loan, you can get a car readily.

Imaging – You’ve been eyeing this car since a few months as well as your friends can’t cease talking about it. Many a times, you have been thinking of going for it, but what stops you is your credit score.

As a subprime auto buyer, you will need to have experienced that traditional lenders penalize you for your less than ideal score. They make automobile purchasing challenging for you by offering high rates of interest on auto loans. But, don’t stress. You can be helped by subprime car loans. With the loan plan, you will be in a position to purchase the vehicle you need instead of waiting for your financial situation to enhance.

If you’re enthusiastic to buy a car of your choice, you should learn the following four crucial things for getting subprime car loans:

1. The Down Payment

The higher the credit score, the low will function as the interest rate on the auto loan. In lowering the rate of interest, but in case you own a subprime credit score, down payment can help you.

2. The Lender

Instead of applying with lenders that are several, select a subprime lender who has expertise in approving subprime car loans. A subprime lender can help you in solving your loan related queries and also provide loan rates that are affordable to you.

3. Beware of Online Fraud

It is possible to choose online auto financing companies, in the event that you want to submit an application for car loans that are subprime comfortably. The companies supply simple acceptance on subprime car loans.

4. Read between the Lines

Many a times, there are understated clauses which may prove to be a shock later on. So you don’t have to endure later, so, it’s advisable to be careful while going through the loan contract. Before finalizing the deal, be sure that you are well-versed with all the stipulations of the loan contract.

Purchasing an automobile isn’t rocket science, but it doesn’t mean it’s a cake walk either. In the event that you would like to make a simple auto purchase, you mustn’t forget the four crucial things to get subprime car loans.

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