Finding a monthly money lender when your bank doesn’t want to help

Banks and traditional financial institutions have quite the regulations and criteria for offering even the simplest of loans- which creates the need for finding alternate source for a loan. This is when finding a Monthly Money Lender, such as Licensed Money Lender, can be a good thing to do. What makes these a good source to secure a loan from is that monthly money lender can offer you a significant amount of money almost instantly, though there will be a set of downsides to this as well. But find a good honest Money Lender and all your problems should be taken care of. So how can you do the same? Here is a set of guidelines to help you get on the right track.


Understanding hard money lending

A Licensed Money Lender is one who provides you loans when other sources including banks are not willing to do so. A Monthly Money Lender will give you a loan against collaterals such as your commercial or residential properties, apart from a host of other things. Whether you will actually get approval from the lender or not depends upon how valuable your collateral really his.

If you are looking to go to a Licensed Monthly Money Lender, then it is important to be aware of a few things- the lender sets his or her own sees, and will have his own specific criteria to decide if you are a credible borrower or not. However, with a private money lender loaning out money on a considerably higher risk, most such criteria are but fair. While banks do not offer such loans, these lenders do- for they are willing to and capable of taking the risk.


The advantages of such a loan

A hard money loan from a licensed monthly money lender is quite simple to attain, unlike a traditional loan or mortgage systems. All you have to do in this process is show up at your scheduled appointment, provide answers to some questions and credit to the lenders who ask, and show that the value of the collateral that you are offering is sufficient to cover the loan amount.

The entire process of getting such a loan is far simpler than underwriting that is involved in normal loans. Additionally, while a hard lender may also cap your loan amount like a bank, you will be easily able to find lenders with collateral requirements that are a little complex and valuations exceeding millions of lenders. This is because at the end of it, all that a monthly money lender cares about is the value of the collateral or property being put up.

While there are many advantages to taking a loan from a licensed money lender, the rate of interest is almost twice that of conventional loans- and that is where licensed monthly money lenders gain such reputation from. However, in many situations, the pros far outweigh the cons and the liabilities, and going to a licensed money lender can be quite beneficial for you!