A business loan in Singapore is also often called a bridging loan. This kind of loan would be to offer you immediate cash loan buy new premises and machinery to satisfy challenges of growing and running a business including finance company increase or pay salary and bonuses to workers. You might not possess the time to jump through endless hoops in the banks before being eventually rejected, as you’ll need to borrow cash quickly.

Infrequently a great business opportunity will present itself, and you’ll not need to lose this chance to reap a gain that is good. In this case, you can turn for a commercial loan to a licensed money lender in Singapore. The short-term repayment duration ranges from daily, weekly, bi-weekly/bi-monthly to monthly repayment. Flexible repayment scheme can be ordered determined by the financial situation of your company.

Short Term or Long Term?

They require a tiny amount of cash urgently when firms take up a short-term loan. Such immediately dispensed small business loans can be important in handling day-to-day demands of staff, clients in addition to day-to-day cash flow in other areas. It requires to be paid back back in a brief interval time although it does not need any security.

In terms of long term commercial loan in Singapore, it is appropriate to companies that want a sizable amount of money quickly. They find it beneficial to re invest the loan in high income-creating activities which permit them to bring in more than what they have borrowed (including interest to be paid). It can be refunded over a longer duration of time plus though it also does not want any collateral, the rates of interest will naturally be higher.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Most firms have the ability to acquire a business loan in Singapore from a  money lender irregardless of the size. Whether you happen to be a small business or a large firm (must be a private limited company registered with ACRA for at least 2 years), you are qualified to apply. There are various kinds of loans available to cater to needs of different scale of company. Especially for all those in small businesses, if you have to you must not be deterred and go ahead to apply for one.